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Which insurances to choose for holiday?


You want to drive abroad your own car? Check which range of security  your insurance agent offers. It is also worth printing the declaration of people who took part in collision, in Polish-English form.
In most European countries it is enough to have a liability insurance. It works on the area of EU and European Economic Area, to be precise: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Cyprus, but also Lichtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Norman Islands, Gibraltar, Man Island and Faroe Islands.
Where do we need the Green Card? In Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Iran, Israel, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldavia, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. Usually it is given for free, together with liability insurance.
When you go on such faraway trip, keep a common declaration of a bump in your glove compartment, in Polish-English form. Take the declaration, it can be helpful in case of an accident with a foreigner. This document is a standard one for all the foreign countries.
If someone hits your car, you can use the mentioned form. A right step is also calling the police, especially when a perpetrator does not confess to it.
What if we do not have such declaration on us? It is necessary to record all the data of a foreign vehicle and his driver: license plate, make, country, policy number and the name of insurance company, and the driver. If there is a possibility of getting a declaration of perpetrator or police minutes, it is worth taking it.
Important! Do not never sign any document in a language you do not know. In such case you can unconsciously relinquish damages or confirm a version of event which is unfavourable for you.
If an accident happens in EU country or European Economic Area, a casualty Pole has an easy way to investigate his claims. Polish insurance companies are obligated to possess a representative of a foreign insurance company claims. This representative has to negotiate with perpetrator’s insurer all the details of casualty’s damages.
Remember to find your representative at once after returning home. You can do it through the indemnity fund.
In such countries as Belarus, Montenegro, Russia or Ukraine, the above facilitations are not compulsory, that is why in this case it is worth investing in additional OC.
If you caused an accident abroad with a car registered in Poland, a policeman or a casualty has right to take your data. It would be good to fill the manual declaration about the event as well, and in case of not big damages it would be better not to call the police. You need to inform your insurer about the situation as soon as possible.
Pay attention to the offers of your insurer and others. Good companies offer AC with the help in occurrences in the area of Poland and the rest of European countries, but also Morocco, Tunisia, Israel. A good AC should also include theft damages made in the area of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, European part of Russia and Moldavia. Without the necessity of additional fee.
What else should we be supplied with before a long holiday journey? AC and insurance of the succession of unhappy accidents, for sure. If your car refuses the obedience on the road, you can rely on the breakdown service.