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The perfect vehicle for Poles


I’m looking for a car, which model should I choose?- The decision of choosing a car is not an easy task. The eternal dilemma of the driver: a used car or a new one from car dealer? Visually attractive or practical? Economic or useful? Small and sports or big and family one? As many drivers, as many opinions. The realisation of all conditions is impossible, therefore each driver should answer the question: What car do I need?
The Social Media Compass report presented by Institute of Media Monitoring, based on analysis of online materials (mainly user feedback automotive forums), has attempted to determine the car preferences of Poles.
Economical car. Poles usually look for not expensive cars. According to the Internet, vehicle should not require too big financial input (maintenance, repair, cheap parts, etc). In their opinion, the best way to ride is a cost-effective installation of LPG. Generally, Poles do not have much money, so they try to choose a solid and reliable vehicle, not to spend half of their salary for repair- one of the Internet users noticed. This category lists the models such as e.g. Honda Civic VI, Renault Megane I, Mk1 Ford Focus, Opel Astra G, Seat Ibiza.
Family car. The main requirement of choosing a family car is its size and comfort. Renault Scenic is a really convenient car. I think that this is one of the best cars for families- says one of the Internet users. There is also a Ford Focus mentioned on the list. As for the lower pricing options, Internet users also pay attention to the Daewoo Tacuma.
Car for women. Women look for a car which is useful, in good condition and simple in operation. Characteristics such as "small" and "practical" are the most frequently mentioned by ladies. In this category of car makes, Internet users mention cars such as Fiat Seicento, Cinquecento, Subaru Forester 2.5 AT, Suzuki Vitara 2.7 AT Toyota RAV4 2.4, 2.5 or 3.5 AT AT.
New or used? Analysis of web publications does not give an unambiguous answer to the question whether Poles’ better choice is a new car or used one. This subject invariably stirs up emotions, causes even rows. Also, Internet users often defend their beloved makes. It is observed that there is a conflict between VW and Toyota- a comparison between these cars is an insult to the Avensis. Passat loses in every category (engines, reliability, comfort, etc.).
The uniqueness or usefulness. Important thing while choosing a car, especially among younger people, can be its uniqueness. Car does not have to curl asphalt, but must pay attention to uniqueness- according to many opinions of Internet users. Everyone knows that Toyota is an average and boring car. However, there are also opinions that usefulness of the car is more important than its originality. Indeed, Toyota is a boring car, never breaks down, does exactly what it is supposed to do. Cars, which are definitely not boring, especially for people with a great sense of humour, are e.g. cars from German scrap, or the Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, and Mercedes (remembering the state of war.)
The drivers’ opinions are divided. Poles dream of a car which is as cheap as used car, but at the same time in perfect condition as if it was straight from the car showroom. On the one hand, it should be a popular vehicle with the car service placed nearly and the parts should not be too expensive. On the other hand, it should be original and unique in order to arouse admiration of neighbours. It should be also large, but graceful and practical, family, but sports. Therefore, the most important step before purchasing a car is to determine the function and purpose of the car.