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The history of renting cars


Have you ever been wandering when and where the first car renting company was made? How such idea was rised?
Well, a vogue for car renting started in the USA. While there was a war in Europe, inhabitants of the USA were leading a casual calm life. Over time, people needed cars more and more  but not everyone could afford his own one. A clever man noticed that he can make money renting cars for others.
The pioneer and the first owner of such renting company was American, Joe Saunders, who had designed the device measuring the number of covered miles and thanks to it he could count the precised amount entitled to him for renting a car. In 1916, Saunders made a deal with some businessman- he would rent him a car but for each mile man would pay him 10 cent. A few years later, Sanunders’ business developed and included 21 states. The value of purchased vehicles from the Chrysler automotive concern amounted 1 million dollars.
The competitive companies took up the idea quickly. Soon, John Hertz, owner of Yellow Cabs, and Walter L. Jacobs opened a car renting company in Chicago. Its manual income amounts over  1 million dollars and thanks to it they become the biggest competition for Saunders. 
The II World War made the development and car production slower, and the crisis appeared. But when hard times passed, there was high time for the further development, also of renting cars. Soldiers, coming back from war, often were changing the place of living and leaving the airport they needed transport. That situation was used by Warren Avis, who started renting cars near the airports.
Nowadays, online access to renting company is crucial and the possibility of booking a car on the Internet. Important factors of such companies’ success is a fast time of delivering a car and the technical quality of vehicles.
Depart Company takes care of its clients and meets requirements. Besides this, it offers a replacement car from liability insurance of perpetrator or AC