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Responsibility for an accident with a hired car


Each car HAS TO be insured. It concerns one vehicle, not a driver or an owner.
The insurance policy concerns the civil responsibility of car owners for the damages caused in connection with their movement- damages caused during getting on or out the car, loading or unloading and stopping or stopover. It does not matter who is the one driving a car. When an accident happens, all that matters is the insurance. Then, it is necessary to report to the insurance business, but it does not rule out the fact that it is forbidden to solicit them also at perpetrator of the event- the one driving a replacement car.
There are two responsibilities for causing an accident: based on the rule of the risk and based on the blame rule.
The second one concerns an accident in which there are at least two vehicles taking part. Then, it is necessary to fix who is the perpetrator of the accident to make the insurance business cover the costs of damages. There are occurrences when more than one person is guilty, so insurers of all drivers bear responsibility for the event- payments are made proportionately to client’s guilt. 
The responsibility on the basis of risk rule is recognized towards the person who is not guilty of the occurrence itself. It is a damage which was made because of car movement. It can be hitting the fence or a knocking over a pedestrian.
A driver can avoid the responsibility in such cases as:
  • The entire fault is through the casualty
  • The entire fault is through the third party, for whom the car owner do not bear responsibility
  • An accident happened because of force of circumstance (struck by lightning –but a sudden deterioration of weather condition is not)
  • Responsibility for causing an accident belongs to an insurer of a car and the driver of a hired car. Insurance company is also obliged to the damage payment in case of causing an accident through a thief of a vehicle


Remember, when you hire a car for another person, it is also your risk.