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Replacement Car



you do not cover any costs because we will settle it with an insurance company. 


If, in a collision, there has been damaged a vehicle that is necessary for business, the normal functioning of the family or, for example, travel to treatment, you can apply to an insurance company to cover the costs of hiring a replacement vehicle. The car can be of the same or lower class and is paid from the perpetrator’s insurance.


The insurance company covers the costs of hiring a replacement vehicle from the perpetrator's liability insurance and is obliged to cover all losses related to the accident. The damage also includes the benefits that the injured party might have achieved if the loss had not occurred. No matter whether you are a business owner or a private individual.

If you want us to take care of all
formalities for you, we will be glad to help you


Unfortunately, It has happened- the damage is done! A car damaged in an accident has to be left at the car repair shop. All this can cause nerves, anger and additional problems. The person misses the car immediately. The driver is deprived of a car for a dozen or more days which disorganizes his life. Suddenly, it turns out that it has become impossible to get to work or take children to school, which is a huge problem, especially when you live far from the office or school. The problem is even greater when you use your car as a working-tool, when you run your own business, and you need it undeniably. The loss of the car, even for few days, makes you unable to earn money,  necessary for living.

This lowers the quality of the family life, prevents or hinders the performance of professional duties which goes with lower income. For some people, lack of car can be considered as a significant obstacle to continue treatment or rehabilitation, when they need to visit the doctor and their state of health prevents them from using the public transport.

These problems can be resolved only by a car rental company. If the car that you use for business, commuting to work or treatment, was damaged in a collision, which was not your fault, you can apply to a perpetrator's insurance company to cover the costs of hiring a substitutive vehicle. A replacement car will be granted  every driver who applies to it.


The question is who will pay for the replacement vehicle?


If loss adjusment  is from the perpetrator's liability insurance, the insurer will cover the costs of hiring, only when there is a record of this in the contract. The driver, who wants to use a replacement vehicle, hoping that the costs of hiring will be covered by the insurance company, is obliged to inform the insurer about this in written form. In the same formal letter he must specify the reasons why the car is necessary. It is significant, because Some insurance companies may cause problems with reimbursement of expenses. This involves, among other things, handling office matters, clients loss of time and nerves But some car rental companies take care of such matters themselves.
This kind of service is offered by Depart cars rental from Opole. Our company takes the responsibility for the struggle with the bureaucratic machinery. In addition, the client does not need to know all regulations. It is enough that our employees are knowledgeable about rules and mediate, together with our lawyers, between the insurer and the user of a replacement vehicle.


However, the driver should know that the insurance company has no right to force him to rent a car from the workshop, where the damaged car is being repaired. Sometimes, the workshops offer such service without having appropriate facilities, meaning that they do not have cars of good quality to offer. The driver decides to rent a vehicle from a car rental company he wants to.. But there is a rule, according to which,  the replacement vehicle cannot be of a higher class than the damaged one.

There is no point in making the life comfort lower by giving up a replacement car, which you are entitled to. Depart car rental company is always ready to help our clients in any aspect of car substitution.  



General Principles:

  • Rental of a replacement vehicle,
  • The length of repairs
  • The length of car rental,
  • Maximum rate of rent,
  • Replacement car rental and additional losses

The refund of vehicle rental costs is possible only if rented car is the same or lower class. Moreover, it is important to prove that the vehicle is necessary for work and that the loss of a car will decrease the health and life condition. So before you rent a car you should write a declaration, at the insurance company office, of the followingcontent:, : "I declare that, due to damage of my vehicle used for business purposes / treatment (give details), made by your client, I am forced to rent a replacement vehicle for the time of repairs". Be sure to ask for acknowledgement that you delivered and fulfilled all documents. Summing up: we report the damage to the Insurer who makes a vehicle inspection and prepares a report usually within a few days.

Then, the service workshop judges the damage on its own on the basis of the protocol of the insurance company. Sometimes it turns out that the re-inspection of  the damaged car is needed. Service workshop usually does not have all the spare parts and must order them, sometimes even from abroad. All this makes the preparation for the repair extended in time, even in several weeks, while the repair process itself takes only a few days. However, the determinant of the rental period is not the time of technological repair - so willingly interpreted by the insurance companies- but the actual time of immobility of the vehicle. It is connected with the fact that losses, which goes from the lack of car, can be felt from the moment of collision and that is why you are entitled to have replacement vehicle.

The insurance company may have a different opinion about this. It should be noted that there are many things that have influence on time needed to repair a car. In the first place, these are sluggishness and bad work organization of the insurer, for which the injured party cannot count the cost of!

Sometimes, the insurer company tries to determine the maximum rate at which you can rent a replacement vehicle. However, regardless of whether it will cost 500 zł per day in the most expensive company on the market or 100 zł per day in the competitive company (for the same car), according  to the law, an insurer cannot recommend any company or force you to use the services of a particular company, as well. The establishment of a rate of replacement car rental is forbidden! The only limit is common sense and the fact that you have the right to rent a vehicle of the same or lower class, but always in the company that you choose yourselves and at the price you agree with the renter. In accordance with the law (Civil Code art. 361, 363, and 415, of the Minister of Finance of 24.03.2000. Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland, No. 26 pos. 310 regarding third-party insurance), the insurer is required to satisfy the claims of the injured party to the extent that they do not feel any losses associated with occurrence of injury.

The victim of a collision firstly pays attention to cover the costs of repair and possible rental. He decides to leave all the matters connected with collision-related losses such as time spent on loss adjustment, phone calls, utility value of the repaired car, etc. Therefore, the responsibility of insurance companies is to cover the basic cost of renting a replacement vehicle. Remember that the law is on your side!