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Online booking- useful or useless service?


In the era of high technology and Internet, many things have changed. Shopping without leaving home, running a business without an office, paying bills on one's own initiative, making bank transfers via the Internet, unlimited contact with other people regardless of the place of residence, communication without the need of physical contact. Internet revolutionized the world instantly, and online services have started to become more and more popular.
Modern companies cannot afford to operate without a current activity on the Internet. Today, the web page is crucial for any company, so to speak. A similar situation is visible in the car rental industry. More and more often, companies are able to provide online booking, so the customer can hire a car without leaving home, without having to make calls or visiting an office.
Depart Company also offers the possibility to rent a car via the Internet.
Using the Internet for this service has many advantages and benefits. Despite this, many customers use traditional methods of services (by phone or personally) and treat online booking as a useless gadget.
Thus, the question arises: Why does online booking is beneficial for the Depart customers?
  • Because thanks to online booking, a consultant of rental company is more familiar with the needs of individual customer, which allows for functional compatibility of service. 
  • Because the customer can make a booking at any time. It Is possible round the clock, 7 days a week.
  • It is very easy to find all the information and search for promotions and special offers.
  • It is extremely convenient. Customer makes a reservation without leaving home, making phone calls, and without visiting the office.
  • Because it saves time and money.
  • Because online booking does not require an agreement of hiring a car. Customer can cancel the booking at any time before signing an appropriate agreement.
  • It is simple. Depart’s website is very clear and functional, and moving a website is very easy. On the main page ( a customer finds a large banner with the possibility of booking any car that company offers. 
Online booking at Depart Company is extremely simple and consists of two stages:
-Choosing a car, place and date of receipt and return the car,
-Summing-up and contact (name, phone, city, etc.)
Interested customers are welcome to book a car online at the site: