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  • 18/07/2012
    I’m looking for a car, which model should I choose?- The decision of choosing a car is not an easy task. The eternal dilemma of the driver: a used car or a new one from car dealer? Visually attractive or practical? Economic or useful? Small and sports or big and family one? As many drivers, as many opinions. The realisation of all conditions is impossible, therefore each driver should answer the question: What car do I need?
  • 18/07/2012
    In the era of high technology and Internet, many things have changed. Shopping without leaving home, running a business without an office, paying bills on one's own initiative, making bank transfers via the Internet, unlimited contact with other people regardless of the place of residence, communication without the need of physical contact. Internet revolutionized the world instantly, and online services have started to become more and more popular.
  • 16/07/2012
    Holiday is definitely an excellent period for various trips. Therefore, the car should be inspected and prepared for the travel. Well-equipped car will avoid many unforeseen surprises that you can encounter on the way.
    Things that should be checked before the long journey:
    Firstly: the technical condition of vehicle: suspension and tires, including spare wheel, tyre pressure, the status, the level of fluid in-service (oil, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and fluid to assist).
  • 16/07/2012

    Ford engine won the plebiscite of the International Engine of the Year. Moreover, an 1.0 EcoBoost was also honoured in the category “Best engine of less than 1,0 liter” and came first in the category of Best New Engine of the Year.

    It was undoubtedly a nice surprise for Ford. Best engine of the year 2012 with an exhaust- driven supercharger allows for a very quick response when pressing the gas pedal. Turbocharger rotates at a speed of per minute and provide the power up to 248.000 throughout the speed range.

  • 13/07/2012

    Specially for our readers we have prepared old but good myths.
    Here are few of them:


    Myth number one: Men drive better than women.
    False! We know that man are more often the offenders of serious accidents. Canadian insurance company Kanetix conducted a survey and only 34% of accidents are caused by women.

    Myth number two: Men can read maps better.
    This is true! Men have incomparably better orientation.

  • 6/07/2012

    Although we are in the middle of the year, we already know the results of the best women’s car contest. Our colleagues from the office agree that the victorious car should be safe, stylish, up-to-date and should stir up the jealousy. Well, good taste, ladies!
    The best women’s Car of the year 2012 was based on four categories: luxury, economical, family and sports.

    Range Rover Evoque model was the one which won the title of most often chosen car by women in the year 2012.

    Surprisingly, the small VW up! rank second.

  • 6/07/2012

    Amendment of the Act of public roads is to create the procedures that will be regulating the functioning of European electronic services fees.

    Fee and the recording equipment installed in a car will allow drive to anyone moving through European Union roads. Where we can expect electronic charges? On motorways and tunnels, but also on all bridges in the EU.

    Polish Government considers that in order to introduce regulations of European Commission to Polish law, connected with the electronic charge, amendment of the law on public roads is necessary.

  • 6/07/2012

    This time we want to illustrate the most important traffic regulations in Europe, that is, places where you usually drive a car. We have a holiday season, so do not be surprised when you will leave the borders of your country.

    1. AUSTRIA
    • Maximum speed (50/100/130 km / h)
    • The permitted blood alcohol level of 0.49 p
    • Driving on low beam, all year round, 24h
    • Toll roads-Yes-vignettes

  • 4/07/2012

    The cooperation between the two companies started last year in December and is still developing. Both concerns have decided to take the next steps.

    On 29 of June, in Monachium Akio Toyoda, the chairman of TMC and Norbert Reithofer- chairman of BMW AG, signed a letter of intent with a long-term and effective cooperation.
    Development of fuel cell systems, development of the architecture and sports car teams, as well as development of electric drive units and research on lightweight construction- these are the four basic tasks of both manufactures.

  • 4/07/2012

    Since we introduced an amendment to the ticket scale, many drivers try to bypass the regulations using various methods. Covering a licence plate with various objects is the most common one. What drivers usually use are.. leaves. We can avoid the ticket of 500zł and 10 penalty points, but need to expect a ticket f 100zł for covering plate. It is not enough, tough. In order to cheat a speed camera it is also necessary to hide a sticker on the windshield, e.g. putting a leaflet behind a windshield wiper. It is a well-known method mainly in Pomerania, and the police is helpless.