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  • 4/09/2013
    Have you ever been wandering when and where the first car renting company was made? How such idea was rised?
    Well, a vogue for car renting started in the USA. While there was a war in Europe, inhabitants of the USA were leading a casual calm life. Over time, people needed cars more and more  but not everyone could afford his own one. A clever man noticed that he can make money renting cars for others.
  • 4/09/2013

    Analysts predict the decrease of fuel price to 5 złotych the next year. They explain that demand for the merchandise will be lower because of economic crisis.

    Prices of fuel at the beginning of December reached the lowest level since 2012. Reduction is influenced by the situation on the global market. Thanks to settled political situation on the Middle East, oil barrel cost about 110 dollars in 2012.

  • 4/09/2013
    It is more and more hard to pass a driving licence in Poland. But while we are given this document, it does not mean that it belongs to us for ever. More and more drivers lose it due to health contraindication or wrongdoings on roads.
    It is not difficult to guess that most often the reason of depriving a licence is driving under the influence of alcohol in blood classified on the level of 0,2-0,5 per mill of concentration. In such condition we are deprived of driving licence, no matter if we caused the danger on road or not.
  • 4/09/2013
    It is getting warmer and warmer and spring has finally replaced the never-ending winter. It’s high time to change the tyres. What should we pay attention to while buying them? How to choose the appropriate ones and how to use them properly?
  • 4/09/2013
    Fifty per cent of all the damages in a summer period are: engine, wheels and battery breakdowns.
    Be careful! During the summer, engine should work in a temperature of 80 to 95 degrees centigrade. After crossing the border of 100 degrees, you have to turn up at the nearest vehicle control station because a long ride with such problem can finish with a catastrophe.
  • 4/09/2013
    Damages from insurance liability are paid in such cases as:
    • Damage of car because of a crash with an animal
    • Damage of car when a driver is responsible one
    • When a perpetrator is not known
    • While the theft of a car
    • Because of an element (fire or flood)
    Your car is not fit for driving after an accident. Check when you are entitled to a replacement car:
  • 4/09/2013
    You want to drive abroad your own car? Check which range of security  your insurance agent offers. It is also worth printing the declaration of people who took part in collision, in Polish-English form.
  • 1/08/2012

    Everlasting progress in automotive industry caused that car air-conditioning is not any more a luxury of high quality-cars such as limousines. Currently, it is in standard equipment of almost every car.

  • 18/07/2012

    As we know, buying a used car is a high risk of full traps. So we decided to give a short guide of how to protect yourself from cheating and do not fall into the trap of false seller.
    So first: buy a car legally!

  • 18/07/2012
    Since mid August, 300 traffic enforcement cameras will be installed on Polish roads. Photos taken by them will be clearer, so the tickets will be written out much faster than before.