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  • 4/09/2013
    Usually drivers pay attention to the price of insurance. They want it to be the cheapest, not the best.
    Prices of liability insurance are very different on account of the type and capacity of a car, driver’s age, safety of driving, or place of residence- the bigger town, the higher price of insurance. 
  • 4/09/2013
    Hitting an animal can- besides the threat to health and damages to car- finish with a fine, which is even several thousand złotych!
    Not everyone realizes the seriousness of this situation. Most often after such event drivers escape from accident place, leaving a game on the road. Only in case of car damage they call the police to get the compensation. It is a very risky conduct. Indeed, driver, who has knocked down an animal, is not liable to any consequences- but only if he takes proper steps.
  • 4/09/2013
    It is worth reminding what amendment from February have changed:
    First of all, drivers are given higher fines for driving without current insurance, depending on how much time passed since expiry date of insurance.
  • 4/09/2013

    It is not uncommon for drivers to lose concentration during driving. Chatting on the phone, calming down a baby, adjusting the navigation, or smoking- all of that can distract us and can be dangerous.


  • 4/09/2013

    In the eyes of the law, you can be deprived of your car. In which cases can it happen and what can you do?

    Depository parking

    There can be a lot of reasons to tow your car. One of them is leaving a vehicle in inappropriate place or without the licence plates, or in condition showing that car is disused. City guards od police do not have an obligation, but have right to do it- at driver’s expense, of course. Such decision can be also made if a driver is in a drunken state.

  • 4/09/2013
    Let’s be honest, young drivers cause the greatest number of offences od roads. That is why the decision was made to deprive them of some rights.
    Courses will be obligatory during the period from 4 to 8 months since receiving the driving licence. Two of them will be theoretical and one practical- which aim will be to develop drivers’ skills and techniques.
    Let’s hope that instructors will not take the easy way and those courses will turn out to be effective.
  • 4/09/2013
    There are changes in principles of examining the candidates for drivers.
    It turned out that new tests are too hard for learners. While the first day of new principles, there was no one in Opole who passed the test. In Bydgoszcz, 9 people out of 70 passed it and in Rzeszów- 2 out of 26. Similar numbers appear at different driver-testing centres.
  • 4/09/2013
    Damages paid by the indemnity fund has raised a 20 per cent on behalf of not-insured drivers. Despite the increasing plague of drivers without  the obligatory liability insurance, there are also increasing claims of casualties.
  • 4/09/2013
    Each car HAS TO be insured. It concerns one vehicle, not a driver or an owner.
  • 4/09/2013
    This year in may there were less than 26 thousand new passenger cars and delivery vans registered in Poland, which were of the accepted completed mass of no more than 3,5 tones, that is a 5,40 per cent less than a year ago and a 6,20 per cent less than in the previous month. This information was given by the Samar institute on the basis of Central Vehicle Record data.
    A result of those statistics getting worse was the fact that two spare weekends appeared in the previous month.