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New driving test


There are changes in principles of examining the candidates for drivers.
It turned out that new tests are too hard for learners. While the first day of new principles, there was no one in Opole who passed the test. In Bydgoszcz, 9 people out of 70 passed it and in Rzeszów- 2 out of 26. Similar numbers appear at different driver-testing centres.
Let’s remind: now, a person taking a driving licence has to answer 32 questions in 24 minutes. 20 of them are movies and animations and answers are in “Yes” or “No” form.
In view of new form of examining, in some testing centres there were no eagers to pass the tests. Candidates put the blame on new system. While giving answers there is no possibility to return to answers we has already answered.
A new system has a defect that it is new and unknown for students passing it at the first dates of its existing. Noone had an opportunity to walk it as it was in case of previous forms.
Some people who are over the test, pay attention to the stress which is because the time pressure. Candidate has 20 seconds to read a question and next 15 to give an answer.
Indeed, it demands an excellent composure of the material and stress.
What is also difficult is the second part of a theoretical exam- here, there are 3 answers to choose and only one is correct. The amount of points varies on the basis of the level of answer’s topic significance for the safety on road.
Policeman and examiners judge the new system positively. They believe that it is the end of learning answers by heart. The current form demands thinking and it is impossible to pass an exam by learning a material by rote. Students have to learn the principles and learn how to use them in different situations and conditions. Now, quota of questions has developed to 3 thousand, so learning them is quite hard. There is no space now for routine and mental mastering.