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More and more damages for drivers without liability insurance


Damages paid by the indemnity fund has raised a 20 per cent on behalf of not-insured drivers. Despite the increasing plague of drivers without  the obligatory liability insurance, there are also increasing claims of casualties.
A young driver was driving on the opposite lane, hit the car and passengers sustained serious injuries. Their pensions- 250 thousand złotych, were paid by the Fund because the owner of a car did not have the obligatory policy of civil responsibility. Indemnity fund turned to the perpetrator for damage cost payback. The chances of negotiating it are rather not probable.
The next example is a juvenile and drunk motorcyclist who hit the cyclist. She died instantly, at the same time orphaning several children. Perpetrator is obliged to return 500 thousand złotych to the indemnity fund to cover the costs of orphans redress. Also, in such situation it will be hard to regain the money from the perpetrator of an accident.
According to indemnity fund, there is about a quarter of million of drivers driving without the liability insurance. Honest ones with current policies pay for the accidents caused by such drivers.
Damages are higher and higher. There are redresses for the harm, suffering, detriment of health. Dynamically increasing payments for the casualties will quickly become a problem of the whole insurance market in Poland- said Sława Cwalińska-Weychert, vice-chairman of the fund.
Currently, a half of payments of fund is for covering the body injuries and the other half for the repair and exchange of damaged cars. Money from insurance businesses still hit the garages but, as Cwalińska-Weychert said, they will soon hit the accounts of permanently injured people or kids killed on the roads.
Looking at the previous year, 157 of damages over 50 thousand złotych were paid. A year earlier- 96 damages. For more and more verdicts, court of justice grants rare redress of over 200 thousand złotych for a person. In 2012, Fund paid 13 of such damages, 3.6 milliion złotych in total.
In Rzeszów there is still a process of 19-year-old Adrian killed by a drunk driver. Parents faight for one million redress.
„Death of a young man, from the point of view of his family, is the same tragedy as the death of victims of Smoleńsk tragedy”- counsels justified the demand on the letter to the insurer.
It was the first case when the aggrieved party appointed to Smoleńsk (close relatives of the victims were given 250 thousand złotych a piece. Now, on the casualties’ side, it happens more and more often.
It is worth making the drivers aware of the fact that for only one compensation of 200 thousand, it is necessary to allocate the yearly premium, which is paid by 450 owners of the cars- added Cwalińska- Weychert. And it is on the condition that none of them caused an accident all year round.
The next additional costs for the Fund are connected with hiring cars from the liability insurance of perpetrator. While we had an accident which was not through our fault and our car was damaged, we are entitled to a replacement car for the repair period. Such services are offered by Depart Company. A client does not incur the costs because Depart works out things with Insurance Company itself.