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Make-up while driving vs car accidents


For decades, women from nearly all over the world have been battling the stereotype that they are not good drivers. According to men, women do their make-up while driving, wave their hands nervously on the other drivers and often do not control the situation on a road in the mirrors.


Words such as a `woman at the steering wheel` or `dumb blonde` are very popular on our roads. Women get commented for slower and indecisive driving behavior, as well as telephone conversations while driving a car. While some of these examples may be true, the statistics show that women cause less car accidents than men. Who should learn from who, then? Well, according to surveys and psychologists, the fair sex drive more cautiously and prudently, unlike men, who like to compete and race, just for fun. What is more, men drive under the influence of alcohol, which is very rare for women at the wheel. Thus, car rental companies are calmer when they hire cars to ladies because they know that women treat cars in a practical way, as a cheap means of transport and a tool for shopping or business. A woman renting a car does not look for just fast wheels because she cares about health of hers and her beloved ones. Women, therefore, often borrow small cheap cars such as Toyota Corolla, Opel Corsa, Ford Fiesta or Polo. Men prefer VW Passat and Toyota Avensis. There is nothing wrong with that but we just have to remember what we need those cars for.


What should men do, then ?

Well, they should realize that `woman at the steering wheel` is just a stereotype and women drive better and better. And the fact is that, despite the make-up in the car and other little things, it’s not lady but man who should try to be more self-controlled, responsible and avoid stressful behavior in order to return home happily.