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How to avoid a speed control ticket


Since we introduced an amendment to the ticket scale, many drivers try to bypass the regulations using various methods. Covering a licence plate with various objects is the most common one. What drivers usually use are.. leaves. We can avoid the ticket of 500zł and 10 penalty points, but need to expect a ticket f 100zł for covering plate. It is not enough, tough. In order to cheat a speed camera it is also necessary to hide a sticker on the windshield, e.g. putting a leaflet behind a windshield wiper. It is a well-known method mainly in Pomerania, and the police is helpless.


Another way to avoid penalties is to question the picture where there is more than one car. Such photo cannot be the basis for the ticket because it is hard to tell which of the vehicles exceeded the speed. In such case, we do not have to pay.


More and more drivers refuse to pay a ticket if a face of driver is not visible clearly. Usually, there is a verdict of not guilty because a driver does not have to admit to the fact that it was him who was driving.


Another important fact is the time during which the police can give a fine. Police have only 30 days to do it. Then, the ticket is groundless.


When being given a ticket, there are 3 ways in which we can act:


  • Admit to being guilty and accept the ticket and penalty points or refuse to do it.
  • Tell it was not you who was driving a car.
  • Refuse telling the name of the driver.


The third way is connected with an opportunity to save some penalty points. According to the law, refusing to indicate the person driving a vehicle is an offence which will cost you 500zł. The highest speeding ticket is also 500zł, so, theoretically, they are the same. The advantage of such solution is to avoid the penalty points!


Let us also remind you that a speed camera can be set only at the place marked by an sign of D-51 with the words "speed control-speed camera." Drivers caught on radar placed outside built-up areas, where the speed was checked by city guards, cannot be punished as well. They can only set their speed cameras in built-up areas, those established with the police. Also so-called "crocodiles" (Road Supervision Inspection) cannot  do anything to us because their targets are professional drivers and those who provide professional passenger transport.


There are many solutions for sure, but is it worth wasting time proving our ‘innocence’ just to have some more kilmetres on the meter?