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How can we lose a driving licence?


It is more and more hard to pass a driving licence in Poland. But while we are given this document, it does not mean that it belongs to us for ever. More and more drivers lose it due to health contraindication or wrongdoings on roads.
It is not difficult to guess that most often the reason of depriving a licence is driving under the influence of alcohol in blood classified on the level of 0,2-0,5 per mill of concentration. In such condition we are deprived of driving licence, no matter if we caused the danger on road or not.
In case of bicycle, it will happen if a cyclist moves on the public road, on pedestrian precinct or on residential area.
Often, a driving ban concerns not only a vehicle we were driving. For example, if a driver was caught driving a tractor under influence of alcohol, the court can deprive him of driving a car, as well.
In case of an dangerous crime on a road, such ban will be given for a longer period of time than in case of offence. It is usually about 1 year even up to 10 years, in individual cases- lifelong. The above situation concerns intoxication (more than 0,5 per mill) or inebriation. It is worth noting that after the punishment of more than a year we need to approach the test checking our theoretical and practical skills again.
To be punished, we do not have to commit a very serious offence. Penalty points are enough- if we are given 20 of them during one year, we can forget about next years of driving. Other drivers just have their qualifications controlled. They need to pass the test again, then the driving licence is not taken away. If entitled to more than one driving category, the punishment concerns all of them.
Also, on the basis of witness’ observation or traffic functionary, any driver can be called to check his qualifications or sent to do the tests again.
And what does it look like in case of health contraindication? The doctor is the one who decides. There are situations when a driver, let’s say, faints at the wheel or has other disorders. Then, a doctor should show the examination results to an organ who issues the driving licence, in order to evaluate the predisposition to drive a vehicle.
It is very easy to lose a driving licence, but being given it back is connected with a great amount of difficulties.