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Changing back to summer tires


It is getting warmer and warmer and spring has finally replaced the never-ending winter. It’s high time to change the tyres. What should we pay attention to while buying them? How to choose the appropriate ones and how to use them properly?
On account of saving time and money, a lot of drivers use winter tyres the whole year instead of changing them to summer ones. We need to take it into consideration that wheels are the only ones having the direct contact with the surface and are responsible for a number of technical assumptions. Structure and composition of summer tyres are considerably different from winter ones. Besides a different structure of a tread, they are built of different blend of rubber adapted for higher temperature. All of that influences the quality of driving and, what is the most important, the safety. That is why so-called universal tyres do not have best reputation, as they used to have.
The appropriate selection depends on the type of car, the fact if it is a simple urban car or a sports one. What is also important is an individual style of driving, together with recommendations of car manufacturer- tyres with homologation harmonize with technical parameters of a given model.
There is always a risk while using substitutes. They can make the drive worse and give incorrect information to the traction control systems or ABS. If we are the next owner of a car, we need to be vigilant and check the tyres. It is worth checking the information given on a sticker situated on a niche of driver’s door or on a hatch of fuel sprue. Technical paremeters are defined by a few factors which are easy to check.
Since more than one and half a year there are rules, introduced by EU, telling that drivers are forced to additional labeling of tyres in order to specify their fuel effectiveness, level of noise caused and traction on a wet surface.
It is worth devoting time on changing the tyres in each season just to feel safe at the steering wheel. It is not worth saving money when it comes to the safety of ourselves and our family. Depart Company, continually taking care of clients’ comfort, has already changed the tyres and, at the same time, wants to stimulate other drivers to do the same.