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Car air-conditioning in a pill


Everlasting progress in automotive industry caused that car air-conditioning is not a luxury of high quality-cars such as limousines anymore. Currently, it is in standard equipment of almost every car. The first car air-conditioning was installed in 1933 in USA. It was very primitive, because it did not have the manual regulation. Moreover, installation was possible only in limousines of high-power engine that was able to cope with huge load. The car air-conditioning appeared in mass production in the beginning of 1950s. In the end of 1960s, 50% of American cars had the air-conditioning in the standard equipment. In Europe, this has become a norm since last decade. Nowadays, more than 80% of vehicles are equipped with air-conditioning.


As for the construction of air-conditioning, it consists of several basic elements:

   a) condenser- often called air-conditioning radiator; it is placed in front part of vehicle, as close to the air inlet grille and front bumper as possible,
   b) expansion valve- located in the engine compartment; it is responsible for expansion of factor, meaning the transition from liquid to gas, which leads to a reduction of gas temperature,
   c) steamer- located inside the car; the factor in gaseous form and with low temperature goes to it through the expansion valve, its function is to give back, through the radiator, the low temperature of gas,        which circulates to ventilation shaft.

     Taking into account that the construction of air-conditioning is complex and has extremely difficult working conditions, it should be used properly. Thanks to using it according to rules, it can work longer and more efficiently. Paradoxically, constant use of air-conditioning can extend its vitality, because the whole system of conditioning is greased with oil, that is inside it. Being more specific, it is so-called oil mist, which travels to every part of the system, mainly to compressor. It is called the gas pump. That is why the constant work of air-conditioning can cause not only steady flow of engine, but also the generation of oil-mist which protects the air-conditioning system.

Good advice:

- During the hot summer, necessarily purge the car before turning the air conditioning on. It is important that the temperature in the car is equal to an ambient temperature, because thanks to it, the air-conditioning will cope better with cooling the air inside vehicle.

- Everyone should have a cabin filter replaced at least once a year; the evaporator outlet duct patency of condensate from the evaporator air conditioning should also be checked.

- Not less than every two years, the air conditioning system should be cleaned from humidity and replenished  by cooling factor  to the required level.

- Every three years, a replacement of filter drier is needed.
- From time to time, the process of ozone filtration should be made- thanks to strong oxidizing, mold, fungi, dust mites, bacteria and viruses outstanding in the system air-conditioning are killed.